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        TEL: 021-59987191




        Fax: 021-59559286


        Contact person: Shi YuHong

        E-mail: shy@kcfcc.com

        Shanghai Kechuang Chemicals Co.,LTD is a State-owned enterprise subordinated to Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission with an integration of science, industry and trade . We have strong technical forces with senior engineers, engineers and specialty technicians specialized in researching and developing new products and technology and endeavoring in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to productivity. The superior quality of the products and excellent after-sale services win a good reputation domestically for our products. Through the efforts for many years, our company established the fine chemical series products of chemical reagents (electronic chemicals), foodstuff additives, forage additives, etc. We welcome new and old friends to come to negotiate business with us and we shall sincerely serve for you. Thanks for your cooperation.


        We are an enterprise of the production type specialized in producing chemical reagents. We have strong technical forces for researching, developing and testing , together with complete set of testing measures. Our chief products are : copper salts, barium salts, strontium salts, bismuth salts, vanadium salts, iodates, manganese salts, sodium salts, potassium salts, nitrate, hydrochloric acid slats, etc.Most products among them has obtained the production certificates issued by the Ministry of Chemical Industry.